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The Queen of Cupcakes

Favorably, the Queen indicates an individual, usually a woman, content and in control of her element. More than that, she has magnified and increased her holdings to an extent that all may be fed and nourished by her hand. Ill-advised, a tummy-ache from overindulgence; food dye that will not wash out of clothing. (from my friend Silence)

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air, air/wands, archetypes, bats, bay area tarot symposium, buttercream, cartomancy, coins, court cards, cupcakes, cups, decks, divination, earth, elements, fairy tales, fire, folklore, handcrafting decks, jung, mysteries, mythology, pips, psychology, royal icing, shadow, spreads, suits, swords, swords/fire, symbolism, tarot, tiaras, triumphs, wands, water
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